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Refine Your Man Picker

3 day Online Workshop to Mastering the Art of Partner Selection for highly successful single women

21st - 23rd July 2023

Ready to break free from the cycle of uncertainty? Tired of those heartbreakers who just can't appreciate your awesomeness? And even when you take your time to make your super checklist, it doesn’t still work.

We feel you, girl! It's time to level up and fix that man picker device of yours!

We've got the inside scoop, honey! We've analyzed over 2,000 wish lists from fierce single boss ladies like you in our database. Plus, we've made more love connections than Cupid himself, with many successful marriages and more weddings coming up this year plus over 200 epic introductions. We're also the go-to coaches for both singles and married people navigating the crazy world of relationships. 

Using knowledge from Psychology, neuroscience and combining our experience in matchmaking, relationship coaching and therapy.

Get ready to embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery! We're talking deep dives into your past relationships, learning from the heartbreaks, and embracing those powerful lessons. It's time to shake things up and unleash your love potential!

In this workshop we will cover


Presented by Chiddie Anyasodo,
Relationship Coach & Luxury Matchmaker.

Chiddie is a certified science-based Relationship Coach and Matchmaker, and focuses on helping women break, detangle themselves from the things that keep them stuck in achieving their deepest desires in relationships, business and life.

As a matchmaker, she helps highly successful men find their dream wives.

Chiddie prioritises building relationships in a way that brings passion and joy. She lives with her husband and 2 kids in United Kingdom


2nd Speaker:  Ben Anyasodo,
Relationship Coach & Luxury Matchmaker.

Ben is a multidisciplinary professional and patented scientist.


He is also a clinical hypno-psychotherapist & Behavioural Change /Life Coach, whose area of work focuses mainly on studying human behaviour at different levels – micro and macro. As a behavioural change expert, his work mainly focuses on the neurological/cognition aspects of behaviour and behavioural change. Due to how quickly Ben helps people achieve that remarkable mindset shift, he is often described as ‘The Mind Bender”.


He enjoys helping people make the connection between different life events and how to break free from retrogressive patterns. Ben believes success can easily be achieved in life through understanding the psychological dynamics involved, and making a deep paradigm shift in a simple way.


He has worked with a lot of top leaders, top management, top performers and Coaches.


Ben deeply believes that everyone has a good shot at success in life, because you deserve it!

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