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Transform your Relationship Coaching for Women

Are you Seeking to Reignite Passion & Connection in Your Relationships?

You Can Find Lasting Love Even If You Think You're All Alone

It's surprisingly common to have trouble keeping the romance alive, leading us to wonder if everlasting love is merely an empty wish. The good news is that a love that lasts a lifetime is possible.

The reason it's so hard to achieve is that modern culture hasn't given us the tools we need. The emphasis is often placed on individual achievement rather than on building and maintaining meaningful relationships. Unfortunately, the quality of our close relationships suffers , leaving us feeling lonely and unfulfilled.

Here's the exciting reality, though: you can learn a powerful set of skills that will help you attract and maintain the kind of healthy and fulfilling relationship you've always wanted.

Chiddie and Ben Anyasodo have been helping people get the skills they need to build meaningful relationships and spark lasting intimacy through their work as Relationship Coach and Behavioral Change Therapist.

It is now your turn to speak.

These life-altering abilities will change the way you view and approach relationships forever, whether you're already in one or looking for one. You will learn how to communicate effectively with your partner, how to set reasonable expectations, and how to fix things when they go wrong in a relationship.

But despite your achievements, you may feel unfulfilled and unhappy, perhaps even stuck, empty, overwhelmed, stressed, easily irritated and on the brink of burnout. You may have tried various methods for personal growth, from various psychological, philosophical, spiritual, and management systems to productivity tools, yet still feel inadequate and unfulfilled.

It's understandable that you want to be a true role model, not just someone who appears to be one, to others. We understand the challenges you are facing and we’re here to help.

Are you ready to take the next step and finally achieve the inner peace and happiness that you deserve? Together, let’s work towards building a fulfilling and meaningful life, one that aligns with your true values and aspirations.

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This exclusive life changing program includes the following:

  • 9 Weekly 70 minutes coaching sessions with Chiddie

  • Therapy Sessions with Ben

The program is customized to suit your specific needs and is priced accordingly. Investing in the program is a four-figure commitment.


Only five spots are open each month, and those who make quick decisions will receive a special offer. I offer results guarantees, so it's essential to have an in-depth conversation to determine if we are a suitable fit.


Let's schedule a complimentary consultation call to determine the best way to work together.

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