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Membership Options for Men

Now that you know Chotayah is for you, we wonder which membership package you will choose – and it doesn’t matter which you choose, because each package is rigorously designed to ensure that it delivers to you just what you need. So go ahead and choose now


This package is for our elite clients that are very public figures or from high profile families that have very specific or culturally sensitive requirements. They therefore demand the very highest levels of expert knowledge and privacy about where and how to search for the right partner and liaise with our CEO, Chiddie exclusively throughout their service.

Chiddie accepts a small number of DIAMOND clients per year, who prefer a highly tailored approach and a confidential, one-to-one relationship with her which includes relationship coaching and therapy. This starts at 100K GBP.



When you become a Platinum Member, you are getting the full matchmaking experience with Chotayah.

Clients who join us as a platinum member are introduced to people already within our private network who have been interviewed and carefully vetted before being introduced to them.

This is therefore a highly select and sophisticated group of people who understand completely the unspoken rule of only wanting to meet other people like them and who are comfortable with who they are and who they would ideally like to meet. You get a chance to work with Ben and CHiddie and 
this includes coaching and therapy. This starts at 50K GBP


This is a quick tailored matchmaking service for people who do not want the intimacy or luxury of the Diamond and Platinum Service. We do a quick introduction only to any of of our members or elite clients who might be interested in you. We do not offer coaching or therapy in this service.


Its a 10 weeks service and starts at 5K GBP 


If you are yet to make up your mind, you can apply to join our membership database for.
There are no Guaranteed Introductions but you have the possibility to be matched with our Elite Members and if they are interested, we will contact you.
There is also no guaranteed searches but you have the possibility of getting an anonymous search via our Social Media.
Note that we do not provide any consultations for passive members until they are matched with an Elite Member

Now that you have decided to work with us,  go ahead and book a consultation, so that we can learn more about your dating history and how we can help you reach your relationship goals.

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