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Discovering the Truth Behind the Existence of True Love

Does True Love Exist?

For those who have been heartbroken, abused, and in toxic or negative relationships, it may be hard to believe that true love actually exists. We all know that one couple who posts flawless photos to Instagram detailing the reels and highlights of their passionate love life, but is it too good to be true? It is easy for those who have had negative dating experiences to dismiss true love as a figment of the imagination. However, for those who have found “the one,” they insist that finding true love is indeed a possibility. While we believe that true love is out there, we also believe it is impossible to find until self-love becomes a priority.

Why Some Individuals Do Not Believe in True Love

First, let us look at one of the main reasons individuals may be quick to say that true love does not exist. Toxic, negative, or abusive relationships may turn some people off to the possibility of finding true love. In other words, it may be easier to say true love does not exist than to confront the hurtful experiences we have been through. Negative experiences can leave us with negative beliefs that allow us to have thoughts like “True love does not exist,” or “If it does, I will never find it.” Some other negative beliefs are, “I cannot trust anyone,” “Everyone lies and cheats,” and so on. Since these negative thoughts and beliefs are because we have been hurt or wounded, we may assume all relationships are bad. However, this is simply not true. Let us take a look at how self-love is important in finding true love.

The Importance of Self-Love in Finding True Love

It is almost impossible to love someone else until we truly know, recognize, accept, and love ourselves. How we view ourselves affects how we view everyone else around us. When we have thoughts like “Is true love really out there?” it is important to know that yes, it is, but it cannot be found with a negative or fearful mindset. This type of mindset can ruin a blossoming relationship very quickly.

Sometimes, as hard as it may be to admit, we may not feel we are deserving of true love. Sometimes we struggle with feelings of unworthiness or insecurity. This is a common issue, and it is a very painful one. Sometimes we may need to stop and think if it is easier to write off the existence of true love than it is to confront what is keeping us from finding it. However, the more we can begin our healing journey, the greater our chances of finding true love.

How to Start Your Healing Journey

At the end of the day, no matter how hard we try, we cannot make someone love us. Finding true love may not be easy, but it can be easier when we know what it is that we deserve. Let us look at eight ways to heal from toxic relationships, break the power of negative beliefs over our lives, and practice self-love so that we can freely find true love.

  1. Remember that negative experiences do not mean that future experiences or relationships will be the same way.

  2. Ask yourself how you can put yourself first and use self-love to take better care of your needs, wants, and desires.

  3. Try to stop negative beliefs such as “True love does not exist,” “Everyone cheats,” etc. when you find those thoughts entering your mind.

  4. Use negative thoughts for your benefit by turning them into positive ones.

  5. Know that while having another person to be with is nice, that you do not need them to exist. You are whole and complete without them.

  6. Know that healing from toxic, negative, or abusive relationships takes time. Seek counseling and support if you need it and do not be hard on yourself.

  7. Take time to process your emotions and get in tune with your needs.

  8. Start doing things you want to do again, such as hobbies or other things you are passionate about.

Key Takeaway

Finding true love may not be easy, but it certainly is possible. We do not have to let toxic and negative relationships keep us from finding that happiness we deeply deserve. With a healthy dose of self-care and a little hope, even those of us who have been wounded can fall really, and truly, in love.

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