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Join Our Database for Women

Simply submit your profile, and our team will carefully review your data. If you qualify, we will invite you to join our database.  


After you join the database, we will have a record of your dating criteria. When one of our elite clients is a match, we’ll get in touch with you to schedule a meeting.

If you’re genuinely a match, we’ll coordinate your date! The day after your date, we’ll collect your feedback and comments. We’ll use it to help schedule a second date or consider it for future matches.

Everyone deserves a loving, fulfilling, and long-term relationship. 

When you join Chotayah, you know you’ll have a stress-free, full-service matchmaking and dating concierge working to help you find the one.

Here’s why people like you find us unique and enjoy working with us:

● We take time getting to know you, your experiences, personality, and your long-term goals to better cater to our matching tools.

● Our matches are handpicked using a successful combination of science and intuition.

● We are very confidential and discrete, and you do not have to share your pictures and name publicly

● We take time to verify the identity and work background of our matches.

● We offer a host of relationship coaching and therapy services to help you experience a more fulfilling and meaningful relationship.

You’ll get access to all of this and more when joining Chotayah. The minute you sign-up, we’ll get to work connecting you with handpicked matches!

Note that, for our passive members, we do not contact you until we have a match for you or need to verify your membership. We also do not provide free consultations unless you have a game.

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