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Couple's Work


Are you and your partner yearning for a deeper connection?


Feeling misunderstood or disconnected is common, especially amidst the daily demands of life. Repetitive arguments, fading intimacy, and past relationship patterns can leave you wondering if your partner truly gets you.But you're not ready to give up!


You're seeking meaningful change and a more fulfilling relationship.

I can help.


As a Relationship Coach with expertise in Gottman Method, Relational Life Therapy, and science-based coaching, I understand the complexities of love.


Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey:


Uncover the root causes of your challenges, be it communication issues, past hurts, deep rooted historical issues, or something else entirely.


Develop effective communication skills, learn to set healthy boundaries, and rebuild trust – the cornerstones of a strong bond.


Benefit from my unique background. I integrate my experience and  studies in Integrative Counselling to offer a comprehensive perspective.


Create a customized coaching plan tailored to your specific needs, drawing on Relational Life Therapy principles and attachment theory.


I specialize in a wide range of relationship issues, including:


Building self-esteem and healthy boundaries

Communication & conflict resolution

Navigating life transitions (divorce, separation)

Breaking free from unhealthy patterns

Addressing financial stress

Healing from infidelity, betrayal and rebuilding trust

Reigniting passion and intimacy

Managing life stage challenges (parenting, midlife)

Co-parenting effectively

Cultivating emotional fulfillment

With expertise, empathy, and a passion for healthy relationships,


I'm dedicated to guiding you towards a more connected and fulfilling partnership. Your well-being and the success of your relationship are my top priorities.Schedule a consultation today.


Together, let's create a future filled with love, understanding, and deep fulfillment.

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