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About Chotayah

 We’re in touch with what you’re looking for and we know how to help you find it.

Our Story

About Us

Chotayah is a leading luxury relationship wellness service in the UK. Chotayah is transforming how the most elite African entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals on the planet connect with their dream partners and build their ideal relationships. Our clients include CEOs, Top Corporate Executives, Politicians, Celebrities, Captains of Industries, Royalty and Top Entrepreneurs located worldwide. 


Co-founders Ben and Chiddie Anyasodo leverage their expertise and peerless insight to help powerful and accomplished African ex-pats attract partners who suit them perfectly. What they offer is beyond mere relationship coaching and matchmaking; working with them is a life-changing exploration of passion, self-discovery, and love that equips each client to step into their absolute best self. Ben and Chiddie have a proven track record of creating head-turning power couples who augment each others’ successes. The services they’ve crafted for Chotayah are bespoke and exquisite, tailored to each client’s desires and challenges, and focus on putting the seeker back in complete control of finding their ideal mate.


Chotayah has become the most trusted name in high-profile African Relationship Engineering.


When you work with Chiddie & Ben as a Private Client, they create a personalised strategy for you; they coach you to your goals and help you find the One.


“We’re both passionate about helping people achieve their deepest desires to lead a more fulfilling, meaningful, and happy life.”

More About Us

Ben Anyasodo

Ben is a multidisciplinary professional and patented scientist.


He is also a clinical hypno-psychotherapist & Behavioural Change /Life Coach, whose area of work focuses mainly on studying human behaviour at different levels – micro and macro. As a behavioural change expert, his work mainly focuses on the neurological/cognition aspects of behaviour and behavioural change. Due to how quickly Ben helps people achieve that remarkable mindset shift, he is often described as ‘The Mind Bender”.


He enjoys helping people make the connection between different life events and how to break free from retrogressive patterns. Ben believes success can easily be achieved in life through understanding the psychological dynamics involved, and making a deep paradigm shift in a simple way.


He has worked with a lot of top leaders, top management, top performers and Coaches.


Ben deeply believes that everyone has a good shot at success in life, because you deserve it!


Chiddie Anyasodo

Chiddie is a professional certified science-based Relationship Coach & Matchmaker, and together with Ben, they have helped build many Power Couple Relationships.

Chiddie prioritises building relationships in a way that brings passion and joy.

Chiddie is a former top Oil & Gas Engineer who has worked in several Fortune 500 Companies globally in management & leadership positions. And therefore is adept in problem-solving and managing client expectations while delivering excellent results.

Having previously experienced numerous failed relationships, Chiddie understands relationship pains and empathises fully with clients. This understanding ignited her passion to study relationships how people can find High-value Spouses and build healthy, fulfilling relationships on their terms.

Chiddie coaches and strategises with heart, bringing the perfect combination of visionary thinking and practical experience to her coaching.

People describe their working experience with Chiddie as respectful, assuring, practical and quality.

“We understand just how difficult and frustrating it is to search endlessly for that perfect match without having any luck. For years, we both eagerly awaited the day when we’d find someone who shared our life goals, personal values, and vision for the future.

We finally found each other not by luck but by being intentional. After seeing our friends go through a similar struggle over and over again, we decided to do something about it.”

Coming from a similar background and way of life as you, we’re in touch with what you’re looking for and we know how to help you find it.

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Meet The Team

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Meet The Team

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Meet The Team

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